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Warts Specialist

James W. Ratcliff, DPM

Podiatrist & Foot and Ankle Surgeon located in Los Gatos, CA

Unsightly warts can ruin the appearance of your feet and even cause pain and discomfort if left untreated. If you suffer from warts on your feet, book an appointment with experienced podiatrist James W. Ratcliff, DPM, in Los Gatos, California. Dr. Ratcliff offers safe and effective wart treatment using SWIFT microwave therapy. To speak with Dr. Ratcliff about your warts, call or book your appointment online today.

Warts Q&A

What are warts?

A wart is a type of skin growth that commonly develops on the feet. Warts look like small, rough patches of skin that are sometimes accompanied by small black dots. Although warts don’t typically cause major problems, they aren’t fun to look at and can easily spread to other areas of your body.  

Warts are caused by a type of virus (one of the many strains of HPV) that easily spreads through contact with shared objects like towels or washcloths. 

The virus that causes warts thrives in warm, humid environments like gyms and locker rooms. Walking barefoot at a public pool is an easy way to pick up plantar warts (warts at the bottom of the foot). 

Although anyone can develop warts, children, teens, and people with weakened immune systems are most at risk. Warts are notoriously difficult to get rid of and often recur. If you notice signs of warts, Dr. Ratcliff can provide you with the effective treatment you need. 

How are warts diagnosed?

Before beginning treatment, Dr. Ratcliff performs your diagnosis. Although warts are typically harmless, you should seek medical care if your warts have resisted or recurred after attempts at at-home treatment. You should also seek medical care if your warts cause pain, bleeding, or interfere with your daily activities. 

To diagnose your condition Dr. Ratcliff examines the problem area. In some cases, he may cut or remove a small section of the skin growth for lab analysis or check for the presence of clotted blood vessels (small black dots). This examination helps Dr. Ratcliff ensure you have a wart and not another type of lesion. 

What wart treatments are available?

Traditional treatment for warts involves prescription-strength acids that work by removing small layers of the wart over time. This type of treatment can take up to six months to produce results. 

Dr. Ratcliff offers SWIFT, an innovative treatment that uses low-dose microwave energy to target warts and stimulate the body’s natural immune response.

SWIFT requires 3-4 treatments with each treatment only taking 5-10 minutes. The treatment targets the virus that causes warts (HPV) and produces much more reliable results when compared to other methods. 

To learn more, call the office or book your appointment with Dr. Ratcliff online today.